Blocked Drains

  • Machine cleared/hydroflushed

  • CCTV Video – (can be arranged) location of faults

  • Vacuum cleaning – Cesspits/Grease Traps/Septic Tanks/Chemical Waste


This photo shows the use of both the CCTV and a drain machine. The drain machine is run down and clears the blockage. CCTV is used to inspect the drain and identify faults.


New/Maintenance Drainage Work

  • Installation of new drainage

  • Replacement/upgrading of existing drains

  • Drainage repairs

  • Flooding/subsoil drains

  • Installation – Cesspits/grease traps/channel drains/water tanks/water tanks/retention and detention tanks/chemical waste tanks

  • Excavation


New 150mm sewer pipe being installed underground ready for new extensions.


Stormwater and Flooding

  • New drains and cesspits – installation for catchment of water

  • Excavations and waterproofing of block/brick walls (below ground level)

  • Subsoil drains – installation – to transfer water to drainage system



Retention and detention tanks come in all shapes and sizes, this one was put under a deck.




A project in stages:

This property had basement flooding issues, excavated behind wall, water proofed and made ready for nova coil drain. 

Nova coil drain inserted and back filled with scoria. 

Finished product. 

Council Defective Drainage Notices

  • Faults – repair/replace whole or part of sanitary sewer and stormwater drains

  • CCTV inspection (can be arranged)